05 Oct 2012

Does Your Relationship Need a Digital Detox?

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The following article on Yourtango.com is worth a read. The writer states that we are all so accessible these days, with a cell phone constantly at hand, that without thinking we can easily ruin moments that would otherwise be best spent concentrating on our romantic partner. It is all too easy to hear that certain ringtone go off and either him or her (though this article is clearly written for frustrated women) and suddenly we’re talking to Bros or the Ya-Ya Joyous Pants Club and we have ruined a moment in which our romantic partner had begun to get feelings of intimacy and closeness. The article recomends ignoring the phone every once in awhile, and even turning it off for certain times likes meals or taking walks together. Given that social networking is now on the same 24 hour cycle as everything else, it is all to easy to create tension within the social connection that should matter most: our romantic partner. An excess of accessibility can lead to an egress of intimacy.

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Does your relationship need a digital detox? Get more intimate with your partner in 6 steps!


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