04 Jul 2012

Does Size Matter… When Romance Is Involved?

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In a romantic relationship, is the size of a gift more important, or is it the amount of thought that went into planning and choosing the gift? This question of course is just a combination of the well known sayings that when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts, and that size doesn’t matter – the size of the gift that is. And when you take these concepts and put them into a romantic context you have very different sets of questions, but the answer, as with many important questions in life and love, is that it really just depends. On what?

How new is the romance?
If you are still in the early impressionable stages, you must carefully consider the size of the gift, and how much thought to put inot it. If there is a clear choice after a few dates, like something you remember her saying that she would like to have, or a particular gift in a common area of interest for you both, then it’s a no-brainer. If you have no idea what to give her but you wnat to give something, consider whether you think she would be impressed by a big gift, or turned off because you were too presumptious. Maybe she will be impressed by something small but thoughtful that also takes into account the newnwss of your relationship. Just be sure your gift will increase the romance factor, nor shrink it.

How romantic is the romance?
This seems like a silly question, but we all know that different people have differnet ideas about what romance is, how it should be expressed, and how intense is just intense enough. Some couples may be in what to them is a torrid and romantic relationship, but outside onlookers would not agree. Only you and your partner know how romantic you both are, and whether the size of the gift is more weighty than the thought.

How serious is the romance?
The stage of coupledom that the relationship is in will have a lot to do with answering the gift question. If you are near the moving in together phase, a large gift that would indicate your willingness to move ahead with the romance might be quite appropriate. If you are planning to ask her to marry you in the near future, you might want to show that you are being thoughtful and thrifty and give a smaller gift. If you are in a casual but very romantic and passionate relationship, maybe size really does matter – the bigger the better, because you want the good times to continue.

How important is the romantic occasion?
You might say that any occasion is one to make romantic, but some are more romantic than others. Many couples, for example, like to celebrate the anniversary of their first date – some every month, some once a year. This would be a very romantic occasion, and would seem to indicate a big gift. A partner’s birthday can be made into a romantic occasion, but this is one of those situations where the size of the thought might be more important than the size of the gift – to demonstrate your thoughtfulness and refinement.

All things considered, the old sayings probably hold true – both of them. Size doesn’t or shouldn’t matter when it comes to gifts in a romance, and an appreciation of the thought that went into a gift shows character and good taste. But if you and your partner are in a great romantic relationship, you’ll be doing the right thing no matter what, because love conquers all, as the old saying goes.


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