25 Jun 2012

Do You Really Want Facebook Knowing Everything About Your Love Life?

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Our lives become more of an open book every time we update something on our Facebook profile. That is why it is not surprising that Facebook knows a whole lot about us especially our love lives. This infographic tells the story of how just what Facebook knows and why it might be an idea to not share every last detail of your life with this company.

What Does Facebook Know About Your Love Life?
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2 Responses to “Do You Really Want Facebook Knowing Everything About Your Love Life?”

  1. Reply Rosemary says:

    Facebook and Google know too much about us already. And the conclusions they draw are not always correct of useful because they rely on demographic cliches. For example, when I found my way to the Google Ad Preferences Manager, I was informed that, based on the websites I visit, Google believes I am female (correct) and between the ages of 25 and 34 (not correct). On the other hand, Facebook knows my age because I entered my birthdate when I got my account. Many of the ads they show me are irrelevant and even insulting because they are based on cliches about women of a certain age rather than any reality about my personality and interests.

    • Reply admin says:

      Yes agreed Rosemary. I think we could be a long way off before Facebook really knows how to target people accurately. From what I’ve read it’s the interests we have shown on subjects that lead them to target advertising but I still think it’s fairly “loose” and no doubt a lot of advertisers make sweeping generalizations about who will be interested in their products.

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