28 May 2012

Do you have any ideas of romantic keepsakes I can include in a love letter?

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Dear Grace,

I’ve read through your book and love it. It’s given me some great ideas. I was just wandering if you had any tips as to what I can include in the letter by way of keepsakes to make it extra special and make my gorgeous lady know just how much she means to me.

My plan is to propose to her the same night she receives my love letter. Double wammy! What do you think?



Dear Jo-Lon,

What a great idea, including romantic keepsakes in your love letter. As you know, I am a big fan of love letters – which are a wonderful keepsake all by themselves. Adding even more thoughtfulness and love to them can only make the letter more special.

Given you plan to propose the same night, my suggestions would be something very connected and relevant to your relationship history. Thinking small, so that the keepsake can fit inside the letter or a larger manila envelope, if necessary, I would suggest the following ideas:

A photo of the first place you met (if within driving distance, of course). The exact bench, street corner, table or location would be ideal.

If you have kept items such as ticket stubs, matchbooks or pressed flowers, you can include them in the letter, then present a homemade scrapbook you intend to put them in that says something like “Our Life: Past, Present and Future.” This will tie in nicely with the proposal!

You could write out treasure map type clues on note cards, that lead your love around the house – finally stumbling on a ring with a loving note that says “will you marry me?” She will keep those clue cards forever, guaranteed!

Learning to make a woven friendship bracelet (they aren’t difficult) would be a neat idea, given you are going to propose with a ring later that night. You could make matching his/her bracelets and put them in the letter. Tell her that they symbolize your friendship for life (then when you propose, the rings can be to symbolize lovers for life).

Again, because you are proposing, this makes the love letter even more special, to be treasured for always. So putting special memories inside or creating new keepsakes from your proposal night is the best way to go for such a special event.

Best of Luck and Congratulations!



Grace Pamer is a full time romance and relationship writer. She writes romance and marriage proposal tip columns for various publications including YourTango.com and GalTime.com. As seen on FoxNews.com, Cosmopolitan.com, DivineCaroline.com and CanadianLiving.com to name but a few.

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