06 Mar 2013

DIY Heart Shaped Box

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Today is something of a first for me. I’m making the forray into showing readers how to make romantic gifts for one another! “Well” I figured “you do run a romance based blog, isn’t it high time you showed people how to make romantic gifts for one another as keepsakes for future?” After I’d finished with my internal dialogue I concluded that yes it was time I made such a move. So today I’d like to give you my step by step instruction guide on how you to can make a DIY heart shaped box for your loved one. And FYI, for all you married couples out there, why not get your kids involved like I did to help make the whole thing more of a fun and enjoyable surprise for your spouse? Enjoy!

How To Make A DIY Heart Shaped Box

The Materials You’ll Need:

Card stock paper,
Pattern paper/scrap booking paper,
A pair of regular scissors,
A pair of craft scissors,
Clear tape,
Decorative trinkets.

To help you on your way please feel free to print out this DIY Heart Shaped Box Template template I made.


1. Start off by making a heart shaped tracer from any hard kind of paper. Cut it out using the regular pair of scissors.
2. Use the cut out heart-shaped tracer to trace seven hearts onto the card stock paper.
3. Using the craft scissors cut out two hearts from the card stock paper. Make sure to cut about half an inch just outside the lines.
NB: Make sure the card stock paper you use is reasonably thick…as you’ll see our version we used card that was a little too thin!
4. Now using the regular pair of scissors start cutting out the other five heart-shaped drawings from the card stock paper.
5. Use the heart shaped tracer to trace out two hearts from the pattern paper with the design you’ve chosen and then cut them out as well using regular scissors.
6. Glue and stack four of the card stock paper hearts together. Now glue one of the patterned heart on top of the stack.
7. Glue this stack on top of one of the hearts with the patterned edges. Then glue the other heart pattern paper on the back part of the stack.
8. Cut out a long strip of patterned paper and then glue the strip it onto the card stock paper leaving a half an inch at the bottom. This will serve as the sides of your box.
9. Start cutting little slits at the bottom of the strip and then fold the tiny flaps over.
10. After that start wrapping the strip around the base of your box. Using the clear tape to adhere the tiny flaps onto the base. Cut out the excess if there are any.
11. Glue the fifth heart shaped card stock on the inside part of the box to make it look clean and add durability.
12. Now it’s time to decorate your lid. You could add a bow, a picture of the two of your, some ribbon…In short have fun and be creative! And et voil√†, you have yourself your very own DIY heart shapped box to give to your partner as a keepsake.


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