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02 May 2013

The Reason People Find It So Hard To Be Happy Quote

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The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always never appreciate the good of the here and now. We always see the faults of all things and never appreciate the good in them. We always complain of what we don’t have and never value the things that truly matter. If [...]

30 Apr 2013

Life is Short Love Quote

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Life is short. Live it with no regrets by grabbing every opportunity to be happy. Share the happiness with your loved ones and friends. Include this graphic on your next blog post and share the happiness:

25 Apr 2013

The Bean People in Remind You of Someone? – guys not making their beds

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According to a survey only 40% of men manage to change the bed linens every week. A lot of guys go to work without fixing their beds and play video games or watch their favorite TV shows in unmade beds. Well each to their own I say as if guys want to be guys then [...]

21 Apr 2013

I’m attracted to my girlfriend’s flatmate

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Hi Grace, I’ve got a bit of a problem on my hands… I’m massively attracted to my girlfriend’s flatmate, even more than I am to my actual girlfriend! I’ve been seeing my girlfriend for about 6 months and we’re not exactly what I’d call serious, but ever since meeting her flatmate I can’t stop thinking [...]

19 Apr 2013

The Bean People in Name that Song! – Ela ela eh eh

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The famous singer of this song caused a controversy when marks and bruises were visible on her skin and when she confirmed to the public that she was being abused by her also famous boyfriend. When it rains, it pours and you can only bring with you your courage or a handy ela, ela, ella. [...]

18 Apr 2013

The Bean People in Remind You of Someone? Being jealous and possessive

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Being jealous and possessive is only natural for some girls especially if a guy does not make them feel secure and make them feel that they are the only lady in their lives. A guys wandering eye in public is a sure fire way to get some girls hot under the collar and cause the [...]

17 Apr 2013

A love letter to a woman on the train

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Another week and another love letter submission from one of my readers which I feel lucky to share with you. Today’s version is a love letter to a woman on a train and is beautifully written. I hope it proves inspiring to some of you guys and gals out there and gets you to pick [...]

15 Apr 2013

How am I supposed to get my boyfriend to propose?

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Hi Grace, I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 9 years now – we met at university and have been together ever since – and I think I’ve probably known that I’ve wanted to marry him for the most part of our relationship but have kept it to myself and now need your advice as [...]

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