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19 Sep 2013

A Love Letter of Forgiveness

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Dear Billy, I am writing to you for many reasons, but mostly to reach out and tell you that I forgive you. Yes, this is a love letter of forgiveness, but also of love. Because you see, loving someone unconditionally s forgiving that person completely. Even if the hurt caused was tremendous, even if it [...]

17 Sep 2013

How To Make My Husband Happy In Our Relationship

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Hi Grace, I am a mother of 3 from a very responsible and a hardworking husband. He gives us everything we need from the basics to almost what we want. I want to repay him somehow in every way possible. How can I make my husband happy? Elly Hi Elly, Thanks so much for your [...]

16 Sep 2013

I Don’t Think My Wife Loves Me Anymore

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Hi Grace, My wife and I have been together for 6 years now. She was my first love and first girlfriend when we were in high school. I was very lucky to be able to make her my wife for she was my ideal girl. But lately I have noticed a lot of changes with [...]

12 Sep 2013

A Love Letter of Apology

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Dear Sam, I am writing this, a love letter of apology, as I sit at the window we used to look out of together. It faces the garden that you spent so much time in, and I remember how thrilled you were when spring arrived after a long winter and you could tend to the [...]

11 Sep 2013

How To Write A Love Letter From The Heart

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A love letter is a beautiful way to express your feelings to your lover, but if done without “heart” it can quickly become disappointing to both writer and reader. When people express their love in person, they have other tools to make an impact, such as their eyes, touch and other senses, which help them [...]

09 Sep 2013

I Think That My Husband Loves Another Woman

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Hi Grace, Me and my husband have only been married for more than a year now but I already feel a gap on our relationship. I think that my husband loves another woman, his long time girlfriend from way back when he was still in his college days. I know they loved each other so [...]

05 Sep 2013

Love Letter From A Father: You Will Forever Be My Princess

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Dear Sally, It’s hard to believe that you will soon be getting married to Tim. The time is going by so quickly and your wedding day will be here before we realize it, so I want to write you a few lines to express my feelings at this special time. I remember the first time [...]

04 Sep 2013

How to Write A Love Letter From A Secret Admirer

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The whole concept of the secret admirer has come under fire in these modern, socially networked times. We are hyper aware of the possibilities of there being stalkers out there – predators who are following us without our best interests in mind, with a nasty agenda for the future. But there is still a place [...]

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