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06 Dec 2012

6 Tips For Setting Up A Surprise Meal For Your Lady

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We live in an equal society, although statistics show that it’s still mainly the female in a relationship who does the lion’s share of the cooking. With this in mind, preparing a surprise meal for the special lady in your life would certainly win you brownie points. The key is to be super organized and [...]

07 Jun 2012

How To Keep Your Long Distance Date Night Alive With A Little Pre-Planning

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Nothing hurts a romantic couple more than having to be apart. Unfortunately, sometimes life circumstances or careers force this separation on couples who would like nothing better than to be together every minute of the day. With some pre-planning, though nothing can replace being side by side, the pain of being apart can be minimized [...]

31 May 2012

Planning the Surprise Hidden In the Menu Dinner Date

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Sometimes planning a special date is just as complicated as planning a proposal or other millestone event. Men often try to be romantic on an everyday basis but just don’t put the thought and effort into the whole process that it requires. For example, let’s say that both of you are just crazy about the [...]

29 May 2012

How To Pull Off A Romantic Room Service Dinner Date

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If your weekend date night has become dull and routine, you will love this idea, a romantic room service dinner date! It might seem elaborate – but you can make the magic happen, even on a budget. Chances are, this date will be so popular, you and your lover will do it again and again… [...]

24 May 2012

Fairy Lights by the Lake Dinner Date

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In our society, for many and complicated reasons, it is the male of the loving couple who is expected to make the romantic gesture. The guy does the first date request, the move-in plea, and the marriage proposal, and along the way is expected to provide the day to day touches like flowers, cards, love [...]

22 May 2012

Does Your Partner Suffer From Food Allergies? If So This Is The Perfect Dinner Date Idea

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We are a society that loves to eat. We love food of all kinds, and we have made eating a big part of a romantic relationship by emphasizing going out to eat as a date activity. This is true for early dates as well as for couples who have been together for a long time [...]

17 May 2012

A Blindfolded Romantic Dinner Date for 2

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If you are a restaurant worker, you have a romantic advantage that many of us would like to have. You have a ready-made opportunity for romance, and it is also a relatively inexpensive date idea. Of course, you do have to have a willing manager who will have to OK your plan, but with a [...]

15 May 2012

Why You Should Consider A Frugal Night Of Music This Weekend

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Nothing evokes so much feeling as music. It can bring back memories from long ago, bring tears regarding painful experiences or create suspense when watching a movie. In addition, music is held in high regard during important events such as choosing a couple’s song at a wedding or feeling patriotism during the national anthem. So [...]

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