17 Sep 2013

How To Make My Husband Happy In Our Relationship

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Hi Grace, I am a mother of 3 from a very responsible and a hardworking husband. He gives us everything we need from the basics to almost what we want. I want to repay him somehow in every way possible. How can I make my husband happy? Elly Hi Elly, Thanks so much for your [...]

17 May 2013

The Bean People in Remind You of Someone? – Words in my mouth

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Do you know someone who doesn’t even let you finish your sentences? Doesn’t even let you explain your side or someone who say things they think that you want to say but never want to say? Share with your friends if you do know someone who is like this or if our bean people ‘words [...]

25 Apr 2013

The Bean People in Remind You of Someone? – guys not making their beds

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According to a survey only 40% of men manage to change the bed linens every week. A lot of guys go to work without fixing their beds and play video games or watch their favorite TV shows in unmade beds. Well each to their own I say as if guys want to be guys then [...]

18 Apr 2013

The Bean People in Remind You of Someone? Being jealous and possessive

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Being jealous and possessive is only natural for some girls especially if a guy does not make them feel secure and make them feel that they are the only lady in their lives. A guys wandering eye in public is a sure fire way to get some girls hot under the collar and cause the [...]

28 Mar 2013

Thinking About Proposing? There’s An App For That

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There’s an app for pretty everything these days, so a proposal app shouldn’t be that surprising. Almost everything is digitized or available online. We’ve almost completely eliminated the need for human interaction. When was the last time you actually spoke to a live person when you called customer service? I rest my case. So when [...]

26 Mar 2013

Easter Date Ideas

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Having got through the potentially gloom-and-doom filled beginning of the year in a recession that seems interminable, Easter is the first opportunity for some much-needed springtime cheer. You may, however, be worried that your budget can’t stretch to the joys of Easter festivities, but you needn’t be! Here are some super-romantic Easter date ideas to [...]

19 Mar 2013

What is the Price of Romance?

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If the ongoing recession and cuts in public spending are anything to go by, we should all be taking ultra-austere measures to curb our spending and reduce our borrowing to a minimum. But does that mean there’s no scope for fun, and no room for romance? Absolutely not. Celebrating achievements and enjoying date nights or [...]

12 Mar 2013

Interview with Lindsay and Heidi of MagnetStreet Weddings

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you all Lindsay Neumann and Heidi Markgraf of MagnetStreet Weddings, a site dedicated to creating unique and beautiful wedding invitations and stationary. These two ladies are a class act and it has been my pleasure to get to know their work over recent months so today I’d [...]

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