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If you like love letters then you’ll love these love letter videos. Each one was lovingly made by the Romance Never Dies team after readers sent in MP3′s of themselves reading aloud a love letter they had written to their lover.

05 Nov 2012

Love Letters Straight From Your Heart

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Is there anything more beautiful in life than writing a love letters straight from your heart to your partner? It has the power to make your love re-energized even at the most difficult of times for love is what drives us on no matter what issues we face in life. In fact I’d say it’s [...]

01 Nov 2012

Love Letter To A Girlfriend

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This love letter to a girlfriend was recorded by one of our readers and sent in annonymously. He asked us to make it into an animated video for him and we were happy to oblige. The guy in question then sent it to his girlfriend along with the hand written love letter. The last we [...]

25 Oct 2012

Best Love Letter To A Wife

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Another day, another reader’s love letter submission by MP3. This love letter video is titled “Best love letter to a wife” and comes from one of our chivalrous readers. It’s a lovely, honest account of this mans feelings for his wife. I hope you enjoy!

03 Oct 2012

Love Letter For A Husband

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I love you guys, the readers that is! You have great hearts and loving spirits. If you’re not convinced then please take a look at this video which features the spoken word sentiments of one of our readers as she reads out a love letter she wrote for her husband! She recorded it to MP3 [...]

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