13 Dec 2012

Long Stem Gifts – Romance not Romance

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Want to present your loved ones with a unique gift this coming holidays? This installment from our Romance Not Romance series, the “Long Stem Gifts”, compares a rose and a dildo – not two words you’d normally find in a sentence together, but there you go. Feature and share this graphic on your next blog [...]

09 Oct 2012

Online Dating Statistics Infographic

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This chart is a graphic that shows information about dating online. Not surprisingly there are more males than females that explore online dating. It discusses the difference between what males and females lie about online such as weight, height, and income. The graphic also talks about first date and dating statistics. Finally, this chart talks [...]

04 Oct 2012

Myths and Facts about Sex in America

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This is a graphical poster that discusses the myths and facts about sex in America. It discusses the myths and facts of the geography of sex facts and discusses the differences between hetro-sexual and homosexual Americans as well as young Americans’ first sex experiences. This graphic talks about birth control as well as the difference [...]

02 Oct 2012

Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage?

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Great article on with a creative infographic from showing results in multiple surveys, in which most respondents think couples should cohabitate prior to marriage. Already-married couples were more reluctant to advocate cohabitation than non-married couples, who were themselves in turn more reluctant to advocate cohabitation than single people. People older than 35 were [...]

10 Jul 2012

The Tunes of Love and Heartache

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Check out this very cutesy infographic which shows the most played songs for people who are in and out of love. The hottest tracks for couples in love are Jason Derulo’s “Don’t Wanna Go Home” and Beyonce’s “Love on Top” while Mumford and Son’s “The Cave” helps broken hearted individuals cry their hearts out. Chart: [...]

03 Jul 2012

The Six Types of Modern Family and Their Finances [Infographic]

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Here’s an infographic showing how the modern families of Britain today cope up with their daily expenses and finances. This includes their basic income, expenses, borrowing and their predicted future . Brought to you by – Get your life insurance sorted in minutes.

02 Jul 2012

UK Singles Reimagining Friendship, Marriage and Finances [Infographic]

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Many singles in the UK are currently changing what the perceived value of friendships, relationships, and marriage are. The latest trend is putting greater importance on friendship than marriage and creating ways for society to become aware of this. Brought to you by – Get your life insurance sorted in minutes.

28 Jun 2012

Risky Sexual Behavior & Substance Abuse [Infographic]

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Substance abuse can lead to more sexual activity as it causes an individual to become involved in risky behavior which can be detrimental not just to themselves but also to his or her partner as well. The infographic below shows some shocking facts that can happen when you start to, shall we say, over indulge. [...]

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