15 Feb 2013

Brian and Jennifer’s Christmas Marriage Proposal

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We’re receiving some fantastic submissions from couples wanting to share their marriage proposal stories, and we’re happy to oblige! This week we’re featuring Brian and Jennifer’s Christmas marriage proposal, which is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit all over again and hopefully inspire some of you for your own proposals. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourself

My name is Brian F. Bleuher and my fiance is Jennifer Bossin and we live in San Francisco, CA.

Where did the idea of your proposal come from?

I was looking to put together a Christmas wedding proposal that was more than just a ring in a box under the tree and came up with the idea of having it at a Christmas tree lot. I selected one in the city at the Marina Middle School which I knew to have a really nice staff of guys visiting the U.S. on an exchange program from South Africa.

What planning went into making the proposal such a huge success?

I set up the evening a month in advance by telling Jen that my good friend Kara had a friend at the tree lot that could get us a deal on a tree. After waiting til the last minute for the ring to be completed, and facing the fact that some of my supporting cast would be leaving in a few days to visit their families for the holidays, I finally got my opportunity on Dec 11 to pull off the proposal.

I took some time off of work during the day and went to the tree lot to tell them about my plan but at first the owner was a little put off because I hadn’t given him more time to prepare. After a little bit of pleading and, because his staff overheard my story and couldn’t wait to help out, he gave me the OK. I purchased a tree immediately and had him set it aside for me. Next, I contacted Jen to tell her we would be getting a tree that night and that I also wanted to take her out to dinner beforehand. She was totally excited.

That evening while Jen was showering I prepared a bag for my friend Kara to pick up after Jen and I left the house. It included lights for the tree and my homemade ornaments which were photos of Jen and I that represented our 4 years together as well as one of her father who had recently passed away.
Christmas Marriage Proposal
In the weeks prior I had laminated the photos and attached red and green ribbons to them for hanging on the tree. The bag also contained a bottle of champagne with glasses, the engagement ring, and antlers and dog biscuits for our dog Finn.

As soon as we left for dinner, Kara entered our apartment and grabbed Finn and the bag and headed to the tree lot with her helper and husband Chris. Dinner was great and what Jen didn’t know is that the whole time I was in contact with Kara via text to make sure things were in order at the tree lot (this required a few trips to the bathroom to pull off some secret texting). One final text to Kara as we left the restaurant alerted her and the crew that we were on our way.

Upon arrival at the tree lot Ian (who I had met earlier) greeted us like strangers and began to show us some trees. What Jen didn’t realize is that “our” tree was hidden behind some huge 12 foot trees near the entrance of the lot. As we strolled the lot learning about the trees from Ian, another employee (right on cue) brought in two champagne flutes of bubbly and, although Jen was shocked at their generosity, he improvised by saying “this is just how we roll here”. That was my cue to ask Ian if he knew of a tree he thought we would like. When he said “absolutely” Jen thought he was the coolest and kept gushing about how amazing these guys were. Ian led us right to our tree which was now exposed and beautifully lit and decorated by Kara. Jen immediately started crying when she saw the picture of her Dad front and center and thanked me for my choice in trees and effort to surprise her. At this point, she believed I had gone to all this effort to simply buy us a Christmas tree!

As you can see in the video, the next phase in my plan was to have Finn arrive with the rings around his neck. Kara, Chris, and the staff, hidden behind a nearby bench, were throwing dog biscuits toward us to entice Finn to run in our direction.
Christmas Marriage proposal
When Jen saw Finn she was really confused and blown away, and you can hear her in the unedited video exclaiming “Whats going on? What have you done?” At this point I was on my knees trying to get the rings out of the bag and prevent Finn from knocking over the tree with his tail! Once I started proposing, phase three began. Unbeknownst to Jen, I had enlisted her nephew Jack and his best friend Kai (both attending college at the nearby University of San Francisco) to sing and play guitar. I chose “All I want for Christmas is you” as the song and while Jen and I were hugging, Jack and Kai stroll over in full voice. You can see Jen’s genuine look of surprise in the video when she realizes the people serenading us are Jack and Kai. At the end of the song the entire staff as well as random tree shoppers applauded as Kara and Chris revealed themselves and came over for big hugs and high fives.
Christmas marriage proposal
In the end, the only complaint was that it was all too fast and, although we did not know Kai would be recording the event in hindsight, it would have been nice to have more footage of the whole experience so we could relive the whole evening whenever we liked. Jen was very impressed that I had surprised her and we have been telling this story a lot since December 11. We are planning a wedding for the fall in wine country.
Christmas marriage proposal

If that isn’t enough to warm your heart in this cold weather, I don’t know what is! Thank you so much Brian and Jennifer, your story really is amazing and I’m honored to share it! If you would like to share your own proposal story then email gracepamer@romanceneverdies.com


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