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Josh Ringham is a late twenties relationship writer. He writes about the intracesies of relationships from a mans perspective.

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19 Dec 2012

Fall Sexiest Season Lowdown – Why The Cold Brings Out The Intimacy

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Human behavioral research is always fascinating to me. Studies that look at why we do the things we do are even more interesting when they have to do with sexuality. According to recent research, fall is the sexiest season of the year, with couples who participated in the study saying that they tended to be [...]

13 Nov 2012

How To Not Screw Up Valentine’s Day

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We guys just have to face the facts – we’re generally not very good at some very important things. Among these things are thinking about romance and remembering meaningful dates, and unfortunately there is at least one important day of the year where both of these faults come together, with potentially devastating effects: Valentine’s Day. [...]

30 Oct 2012

Should You Share Everything In Your Relationship?

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Keeping secrets is almost universally regarded as a bad thing in a romantic relationship. Counselors and experts of all kinds in love and marriage emphasize the importance of complete honesty between partners who are committed and serious about their relationship. This dictum apparently is meant to be applied to literally everything, from the distant past [...]

11 Oct 2012

Are You Good In Bed? How Do You Know?

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Are you good in bed? It’s an age old questions that even the most confident of men have probably asked themselves at one time or another. Insecurity about their sexual prowess are the modern man’s nemesis. There is no doubt that the pressure on a guy to satisfy a woman’s every sexual need is there [...]

25 Sep 2012

The Danger of Office Flirtations

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As a man, I am well aware of the attraction and fun of office flirtations. I worked in an office that had an overabundance of women compared with men, and it was a constant occurrence. I was completely aware of who would engage in flirting behavior, who was adamantly opposed to it, and who could [...]

18 Sep 2012

Are You A Relationship Self-saboteur?

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Just about everyone looks for love at some stage in their life and most of us want someone we can get serious with. There are of course exceptions, but generally speaking, we seek and put a high value on committed relationships, and look for suitable partners for life starting at a fairly early age. Typically, [...]

12 Sep 2012

How Fair Is Your Relationship?

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A recent online article in Psychology Today examined the concept of fairness in a relationship. The author, a marriage counselor with experience and credentials, essentially says that if a relationship is fair, there is equality between the two partners. Equality means balance in the key issues and aspects of a relationship where it is needed, [...]

23 Aug 2012

How To Use The Summer Months For Romance

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Summer time is the season for romance where we live in the northern hemisphere – maybe it’s the same all over the world. But for summer to be a special time, it has to be an actual season, and there are many parts of the world closer to the equator that don’t have a summer [...]