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Grace Pamer is a full time romance and relationship writer. She writes romance and marriage proposal tip columns for various publications including and As seen on,, and to name but a few.

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19 Sep 2013

Nothing Is Worse Than Being Apart

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Nothing is worse than being apart from your loved ones especially when the reason you need to stay away is for their own good. Want to post this love quote on your blog? Simply copy the code below:

19 Sep 2013

A Love Letter of Forgiveness

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Dear Billy, I am writing to you for many reasons, but mostly to reach out and tell you that I forgive you. Yes, this is a love letter of forgiveness, but also of love. Because you see, loving someone unconditionally s forgiving that person completely. Even if the hurt caused was tremendous, even if it [...]

18 Sep 2013

I Love Your Feet For Bringing You To Me

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This beautiful love quote by Pablo Neruda simply details why the feet is an important element of love. Share our I Love Your Feet For Bringing You To Me with your loved ones and friends if you do feel the same. Include this love quote on your next post

17 Sep 2013

How To Make My Husband Happy In Our Relationship

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Hi Grace, I am a mother of 3 from a very responsible and a hardworking husband. He gives us everything we need from the basics to almost what we want. I want to repay him somehow in every way possible. How can I make my husband happy? Elly Hi Elly, Thanks so much for your [...]

17 Sep 2013

Remember That I Love You

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I love you is a powerful phrase that means you are ready to take on responsibility and commitment. It should not be taken lightly and should not be said easily. Share our Remember that I Love you quote with your loved ones and friends if you agree. Embed this love quote on your blog:

16 Sep 2013

Hunger For Love

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We all hunger for love. No one can deny it since it the truth. Show your love to your friends and loved ones by sharing this beautiful quote from Mother Teresa. Use this code to embed this love quote on your site:

16 Sep 2013

I Don’t Think My Wife Loves Me Anymore

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Hi Grace, My wife and I have been together for 6 years now. She was my first love and first girlfriend when we were in high school. I was very lucky to be able to make her my wife for she was my ideal girl. But lately I have noticed a lot of changes with [...]

13 Sep 2013

You Make Me Feel Alive

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Love always gives the feeling that there will always be hope no matter how grave the situation may be. Because of love we continue to live and fight. Share our You Make Me Feel Alive love quote with your friends and loved ones if you feel the same. Feature this picture quote the next time [...]