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Grace Pamer is a full time romance and relationship writer. She writes romance and marriage proposal tip columns for various publications including and As seen on,, and to name but a few.

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08 Oct 2013

Now And Forever

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When we are with our loved ones time just seems to fly so fast. At the end of the day there’s nothing more we want than to stay with them even longer. Share our Now and Forever love quote if you always feel this way. Want to use this love quote photo? Simply copy this [...]

07 Oct 2013

My Favorite Sound

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Some of us love the sound of the falling rain while others love the sound of waves as it crashes along the shore. Share our My Favorite sound love quote if you also love the voice of your loved ones. Embed this graphic on your blog if you like it:

27 Sep 2013

The Person Who Loves You Quote

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Living together and always being together is not as easy thing but a person who truly loves you would choose this rather that being from away from you. Share our The Person Who Loves You Quote if you also feel the same. Want to use this picture quote? Copy this code to your blog:

26 Sep 2013

Ever Since I Met You Quotes

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My life was just ordinary. But ever since you came into my life, you gave it a new meaning, new colors and a whole lot of new adventures. Share our Ever Since I Met You Quotes with your loved ones and friends if they also let you feel that life’s an adventure. Feature this love [...]

25 Sep 2013

Love Yourself First

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You have to learn to love yourself first, who you really are with all your imperfections before someone learns to love and appreciates you for you. Share with your loved ones if you agree with our love quote. Want to use this picture quote on your blog? Copy the below code:

24 Sep 2013

Love Is The Best Teacher

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Love teaches us many things including heartaches and pains. But after all the experience we go through, sad or happy we get life lessons from them. Share our Love is the best teacher love quote with your family and friends if you like the quote. Use this code to embed this image on your site:

23 Sep 2013

Knight In Shining Armor Quote

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It’s ironic that we set standards for the right person to love. But we always make an exception to those who we really love. Share our Knight In Shining Armor Quote with your loved ones. Embed this graphic on your blog:

20 Sep 2013

With Great Love

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In this life we may not be given a chance to show how great we are but each and everyday we are given a chance to show how great our love is. Grab that chance by sharing this With Great Love quote with your loved ones by using the code below. Take this chance to [...]