11 Oct 2012

Are You Good In Bed? How Do You Know?

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Are you good in bed? It’s an age old questions that even the most confident of men have probably asked themselves at one time or another. Insecurity about their sexual prowess are the modern man’s nemesis. There is no doubt that the pressure on a guy to satisfy a woman’s every sexual need is there from the very beginning of a relationship, and only recedes as the intimacy and accompanying love develop. Our modern hyper-sexualized culture doesn’t help matters either, because a man feels as though he has to be some sort of sexual athlete to measure up in every sense. So for those men who have anxiety about their ability to be good enough for the woman they love, is there any way to feel better about yourself without being a Don Juan? How do you know if you’re good in bed, and how do you get better?
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Do Your Research

Information and knowledge can be found easily these days. No matter what your experience level with women and sex might be, make an effort to learn everything you can possibly discover about these lovely creatures. First of all, find out about yourself – are you normal? Is there anything you can do to be a better lover without having some kind of surgery? For example, most women say that a man who is good at oral sex trumps all others, all things being equal. And there’s nothing wrong with being average – that’s what most of us are. The more you know, the more confident you will be, and confidence is a definite turn-on.

Be A Student Willing To Learn

When you have the opportunity to become better at something, you should take it, and this includes making love to a woman and becoming good in bed. By showing that you are willing to learn and improve, you also show your humility and strength at the same time.

Ask Her

The only way to learn how to be better in bed is to ask questions. Not to an interfering or annoying degree of course, but in a romantic, gentle, and even exciting way. Ask her if what you are doing feels good, or if you can do something differently. And when she answers, be sure to listen carefully, and ensure you understand the responses.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you have the basic sexual repertoire under your belt (so to speak), then the best way to improve your performance in the sack is to do it again, and again. The more sex you have with the woman you love and with her help, the better you will become at the whole process. And she will know that you are a willing student and love you all the more for your desire to please her.


Finally, every man makes mistakes, puts a little too much pressure on himself, or has unrealistically high expectations for himself. If you make sex seem like a chore, she’ll be sure to pick up on it. Try to find ways to laugh at yourself, to have fun in bed, to make the situation one you’d like to make last as long as possible rather than something you need to rush. By relaxing and making her relaxed, you’ll both have a better time, and she’ll be happy to tell you how good you really are.

What’s your experience? How has your sex life developed with your partner? Are you more adventurous than when you started? Do you feel more confident about the lover you now are? We’d love to know.


Josh Ringham is a late twenties relationship writer. He writes about the intracesies of relationships from a mans perspective.

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