01 Oct 2012

An Ice Rink Marriage Proposal Idea

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Hi Grace,

I am super nervous about proposing to my girlfriend and would really appreciate your thoughts on my marriage proposal idea! We have been together since 9th grade at school and I’m really confident that she will say yes, so I just need to make sure that the proposal is special and a day that we’ll both remember! She has been saying for a while now that she would like to go and see the stage production of Wicked, so my plan is to take her to see it, followed by a romantic dinner and a trip to the Rockefeller ice rink, where I plan to propose to her on the ice. Do you think that this sounds romantic enough? Would love to know what you think! Thanks, Darren.

Dear Darren:

First of all, let me congratulate you on being such a sensitive and romantic guy! It isn’t often that a man is willing to be romantically creative and think through the type of proposal you’re talking about, and I can tell that you are just as excited about it as your fiance will be. Second, I always am grateful for people who write with questions like this, because everyone learns from the question and the answer, and everyone wins.

We’ll start with your final query – does this plan sound romantic enough? This one of the most romantic proposals I’ve heard! The idea of going to a show like Wicked would be romantic enough on its own, because it is clearly something you want to do for her, not for yourself – although I have no doubt you will enjoy it, too. Then you add the romantic dinner after the show, and you have a great evening by any loving, sensitive, and appreciative person’s standards. Then the topper for the night – a late skate session at the famous Rockefeller rink – and I really don’t think you have anything to worry about as far as the romance level of the whole package goes – it’s a winner. And you should feel confident about the outcome and calm those nerves – it’s going to be a beautiful success.

I do have a couple of suggestions to maintain the quality that you are obviously going for in this situation. Rockefeller Center has some fine dining right on the premises, and it might be a grand idea to have the romantic meal in view of the ice rink, just to keep the theme going. Then you can go strap on your skates and get to the real point of the evening. Of course, there are great restaurants in the area as well, and you two may have a favorite in mind to get cozy in.

Here’s another idea. The rink is available for private events, so I would not hesitate to give the coordinator a call. Explain that you will be proposing marriage on the ice and inquire as to whether you can get some special music played at the right time. I’ve never tried it, but it just might be possible to have your song playing at a given time, and that’s when you stop and drop – to one knee and pop the question. I’ll assume that you both can skate, naturally, but be careful – you don’t want a spill to spoil your spectacle!


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