RomanceNeverDies.com is a labor of love intended to help all those in need of some inspiration before a first date, a marriage proposal or when just looking to put a little romance back into a long term relationship or marriage.

It is edited by me, Grace Pamer, otherwise known as the love letters and marriage proposals lady. I work with couples to help them discover their romantic sides and specialize in teaching them the art of writing love letters to each other. It is my long held belief that love letters provide a powerful means of expression and I have made it my goal to share my knowledge of the craft to help other couples freely express themselves at all stages of a relationship.

I also provide expert advice and tips on planning the perfect marriage proposal and throughout RomanceNeverDies.com you will find a huge array of marriage proposal videos, guides on how to propose and everything from how to pick the perfect engagement ring to who you should take along when you shop for it. The aim is to always offer expert relationship advice while keeping it real!

Grace Pamer

For me love and romance are two of the most important things in all the world. Love is something amazing to strive for in life, it’s the ultimate goal we reach for even without knowing it, and romance helps us to get there. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and once you have it, romance is the TLC it needs to keep going!

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