15 May 2013

A Love Letter For Our Future Anniversary

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Dear Liz,

I’m writing this letter to you at a wonderful time in our lives, just before we have tied the knot and committed our love and life to each other. I know that you are reading my words in a much different time, 30 years in the future from the present day. But I can assure you that, even though many things will have changed in our world and in our lives, one thing will be constant from now until the day you read this in the future – our love. So this is my 30th anniversary gift to you, my sweet love, and I hope you realize the thrill that it gives me to imagine how our life will be, there in the future.

First of all, I want you to know how I feel right now, and how sure I am that I will feel the same 30 years from now. I loved you the first time we met in that little coffee shop on the corner. I know that everyone thinks that love at first sight rarely works, but I swear to you that when I saw your face, heard your lilting and sultry voice, and realized that you were an intelligent, aware, thinking person on the inside, I fell head over heels in love with you. I knew at that moment that we would spend our time on this earth together, and I have never doubted that knowledge. Nor do I have any doubt that my love for you will continue through the years, and that how strong it is now is how strong it will be, forever.

I like to imagine what life will be like for us, and while I may get some of the details wrong, I am incredibly confident that when you read this you will think I must be a time traveler of some kind. We were married as we planned, in a simple ceremony down by the shore. We always loved the beaches near our hometown, and our wedding reception was a casual, outdoor celebration of our love. Not content with that, we looked for a place to call our own that would have a view of the ocean and the beach, and we eventually found it and were able to move in after a couple of years of living in an apartment.

We planned a family from the beginning of our relationship, and as soon as we got the house we began working on our project. Within a year we had our first child, a beautiful girl who looked so much like you that my heart swells just thinking about it. Another year passed and saw the birth of our second child, a son, and our little family was complete. I loved my job and I continued working and providing for us while you worked from home and too on the huge task of being a mother. After the children started school, you were able to find work nearby, and we spent many happy years together.

Now we are ready to retire and enjoy our golden years together. We have loved well, worked hard, and are looking forward to another stage of life. And we both know that, no matter what happens, our love will continue to grow and become the rock that we depend on. I love you now, and I love you there in the future, and I can’t wait to be there when you read this. Happy Anniversary!

Love Always,


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