24 Aug 2012

A Love Letter for any Woman Waiting for the Man of her Dreams

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I received the following love letter submission from one of my regular readers, the lovely Kesha, which I think is beautifully written and heartfelt. It is written from the perspective of a woman waiting for the man of her dreams to come and find her…

Dear Love of my life,

I know you may not know me yet but I hope you will soon. I have waited all my life for you and dreamed what you might look like and how we would meet. I pass men on the street and lock eyes with them hoping I won’t miss my mark. Is he the one I say? Or maybe it’s him? Then I am quickly saddened by the realization that he didn’t see me at all. I don’t have a bad life but, it is still missing something from you. Your presence, your time and even that simple gesture you do. I only ask not to be taken for granted and to feel like I am important in your life. Not just sometimes but every day of the week. To know that the first thing you do in the morning is think of me and pray for my well-being and even my safety. To know the first call I get in the morning would always be from you and at night when I go to bed you find it necessary to make sure I know the same too. The words I love you would never have to be said, your actions would say it. I would commend you for loving me and cheer you on for putting up with my ways. No I am not easy but I am easily pleased by your time and by your warm embrace. You don’t have to worry about giving me riches and gold for I have no need for them. Your love would be worth more than money could ever buy me.

I would cook for you and love you and promise to be true and even rub your face whenever you need me too. My greatest joy in life would be seeing my children loved by you; the love that I can see from across a crowded room. I have some flaws that maybe you should know so there is no misunderstanding about who I am. I hate to be kept waiting and would love to have your time. I also would love to catch you watching me wondering what you’re thinking of. I am a kid at heart and love to have fun or hear the latest joke of the day. I hate to sleep alone though I have been known to be a bed hog. I would gladly share my side of the bed, pillow and sheets just to feel you near me. I will cry at a heartfelt letter or if someone is in pain. I need to know you will be there when my tears flow like rain. I can get angry easily but know I mean no harm. Please understand I don’t mean it and I don’t want you to go. Stop and look me in my eyes and do one simple thing. Hold me close, hold me tight, try and understand. My tongue can be swift, my words can hurt but know I don’t mean it; I would rather make things work.

I would be loyal and dedicated to only you. You would never have to worry about anyone filling your shoes. I may want things my way but it is only because I have catered to others and now I have finally spoken up for what I want. I am in love with romance and find myself searching for ways to keep you in love with me, just so I don’t have to worry about losing you to another. When I am alone I wonder if I am on your mind and find myself sad at the thought of you leaving me. I am no angel and I have made many mistakes but the biggest mistake would be for me not to know that you were coming for me. So please give me a sign that you know who I am and I should know you. Don’t let me pass you by without telling me the truth. The truth that you can handle all that I am and you’re not afraid of the flaws I just mentioned. Start by telling me you would never leave and even though I can be mean you see the GOOD in me. Be persistent and kind and never give up. It may take me some time to see you but know I want you around. So I sign this hopelessly waiting for you to find me, I hope it’s not too late for time is against me.


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