26 Jun 2013

A Love Letter About Our Future Together

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Dear Jeff,

I am writing you this love letter about our future for many reasons. The primary one is because I love you so much, and I want you to understand the strength of that love. I also want you to understand what goes on in my heart and in my head when I think about you – besides getting all giddy and romantic, of course. And I want to tell you what I see in our future together based on what we have today, and on our love in the present moment. All I have to do to imagine our life together is to think about us right now, and then jump forward in time in my mind – sounds easy, right?

First of all, knowing how we both love to travel but haven’t really had a chance to do much of it yet, I can only fantasize happily about the places we will visit together. We have talked about France and Paris in particular, but any tour of that part of the world would include Italy and Switzerland for us – absolute necessities. We love Italian culture, wine and food, and we both can ski just well enough to make it down an Alpine slope. Another special attraction for us is the vastness of China – we will take a train that meanders across the country and visit some of their most out of the way destinations arm in arm.

Next, I like to imagine where we will be living in our future as a couple and as a family. We have talked about moving out west, probably to northwest Montana or northern Idaho, and I’m sure we will end up there by following our dreams. Our fantasies are pretty moderate when it comes to the house we’ll have, because we want to live close to nature and in a simple way if possible. A small piece of land and a small log cabin, set off the road of course, will be our love nest. And that’s where we wil raise our children.

One boy and one girl is what we dream about, and again I have no doubt that we will accomplish our goals for a small family. They will grow up in the beauty of natural surroundings that help them appreciate a life of peace and simplicity. They will be super smart and talented – how could they be any other way? And when the time comes for each of our kids to leave the nest, we’ll be sad, but ready for the next stage of life together.

Yes, I really do enjoy thinking about how we will be as two elderly lovers, having been together through the years and feeling that now we can live our golden time as one. We will be healthy and old, hearty and lusty for our age, and we will still be lovers and partners. Sitting on the front porch of the cabin, reminiscing about our travels and our children growing up, and taking life one slow step at a time – this is how I picture us in the far future. What a life we will have, what wonders we will share! I can’t wait to start off toward the future with you, my love.

All yours,


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