17 Jul 2013

A Love Letter About Marriage

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Dear Sam,
As I sit here by the kitchen window, it is easy to see that signs of spring are beginning to show. The beautiful trees in the front yard are sprouting the buds of leaves, bright green shoots that will soon become flowers are popping up from the ground everywhere, and the birds are busy working and singing. I feel a similar sentiment in my heart, one of rebirth, growth, and change. I am sure that the time is right to tell you how I feel about you, and us, and our future together. It is springtime, my love, and the world is turning for us – let’s plan a life together, now.

We have been lovers for several years, and I think I speak for both of us when I say that we are serious in our love. We have grown closer and closer over the years, and as we have learned about each other, we have become secure in our feelings and in our depth of commitment. My love for you has become something deep and nourishing, something that I can’t live without and would not if I could. I am absolutely certain that you feel the same way about me, because you have told me so many times. We are certainly not shy with each other when it comes to expressing our feelings, and that is why I am taking the time to put these thoughts and feelings down on paper in a love letter about marriage.

I believe that it is clear to both of us that a new stage has been reached in our relationship, and that it is time to make sure that the world knows that we are indeed a committed couple. We need to finalize and formalize the bond between us so that we can fulfill our special destinies with each other. When I look into the future, I see us moving on with our dreams, raising a family together, achieving common goals, and having a romantic and satisfying life together. If there was ever any doubt in your mind that I want to spend my life with you, the love of my life, I hope that it will melt away like the winter snows are melting now, and that a new life will be the result.

I know with all my heart and with no doubt whatsoever that we were meant to be together, and that we have a future together as a couple. We have been walking the same path now for some time, and it is evident that the time is right to become one as we have been destined to do. It is time that our love becomes as real and alive to the world around us as it is to us. Our families and friends understand the kind of people we are, and the quality our love, and have been very patient on this journey along with us. Once we take the final step and announce to everyone that we are in this for keeps, there will be no stopping us. Our dreams are just around the corner, waiting like summer waits for spring. Let’s go to meet them!

All of my love forever,


Grace Pamer is a full time romance and relationship writer. She writes romance and marriage proposal tip columns for various publications including YourTango.com and GalTime.com. As seen on FoxNews.com, Cosmopolitan.com, DivineCaroline.com and CanadianLiving.com to name but a few.

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