14 Aug 2013

A Love Confession Letter To A Boy

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Dear Sam,

First of all I want to say that I have never, ever before written a love confession letter to a boy. I haven’t had that many boyfriends – after all, I’m still a teenager. And the ones I have had I honestly have never said I love you to, because I really didn’t feel that way about them. You and I know how young love goes, when you have a crush on a boy (or girl for you, I know), and you feel like you’re walking on air and life is wonderful. Then something happens and reality sets in, and you see that the person you thought was the best is far from it, and whatever you were feeling wasn’t the real thing. And that’s why I’m writing to you and confessing my love, because we are not like that, at all.

I will always remember the first time we met, and how we actually talked to each other, right after you moved here and started school. You were shy but not afraid to talk to a girl like me, someone who might seem a little flirty because she says what’s on her mind. I knew then and there that you were different, and after that first meeting I started keeping an eye on you. I don’t mean I was stalking you or anything, but I was attracted to you and I wanted to get to know you over time. I just knew that I didn’t want to rush in to anything with you, that we might have something special. Yes, I know you have had girlfriends since then, and I know those girls too. You were right not to take any of them too seriously, because they were not right for you. I know that because I am the one who loves you.

There, I’ve put it in writing, and I am so glad I have finally done it. We have been dating for just a short time, but I feel like it’s been almost like forever. Since I fell for you from the beginning, I have been carrying these feelings around without expressing them for much too long. I said that I am the kind of person who tries to be honest, and I am maybe a little too outspoken, but I was really careful with you. I have known that we could be together as lovers for quite a while, but until you asked me out, I couldn’t say anything that might put you off.

Now that we have had some time to spend with each other and have gotten to know each other better, I realize that I don’t want to lose you to any other girl. I want you all to myself, and I want you to know how I feel. I am taking a chance here, I’m sure, because you might think I’m coming on too strong. But I really can’t do this any other way – I have to be certain that you understand how I feel, and then we can go on with our lives. If you feel the same about me, it’s your choice to tell me or not. If you don’t feel the same, then I will accept that too – because I love you so much. I want you to be as happy as I think I can only be with you, so whatever happens after this confession, I can live with it.



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