28 Jun 2012

8 Tips For An Ultimate Cupcake Wedding Proposal

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A popular proposal idea right now involves “sweets for your sweet” – a Cupcake Wedding Proposal. When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit with this romantic idea. Fortunately, cupcakes are quite portable, so there are endless locations to present them in. Also, you can use just one cupcake, a set for both of you or even a whole tray! Again, possibilities are endless.

No matter which method and quantity you use to propose, there are some tips to consider and items you will need to pull off this idea:

Decide if you will use a bakery or make them yourself. The choice is yours, depending on your baking skills and how intricate or detailed a design you are looking for. If hiring a bakery, visit a couple of them and see their work, read feedback, etc. Be sure to reserve them in advance.

Decide on what you want the cupcakes to look like. Whether you are making the cupcakes yourself or hiring a professional, decide what setting or theme you want on the cupcake. Do you want pure romance, with hearts and flowers that compliment the ring? What about a favorite beach scene or something cute like “his” and “hers?” Take your time deciding and get the bakers input, too!

Give thought to temperature control in your setting. Though quite hearty, icing on a cupcake can quickly melt when sitting in a hot car or in the summer heat. Be sure to plan to keep the cupcakes at adequate temperature if there will be a long delay before the proposal.

Cupcakes are fragile and can wobble or tip over. Be sure you have an secure way to keep them from moving without getting damaged. Be very careful of the tops, too! Some cupcake proposals involve a large quantity of cupcakes that spell out “will you marry me?” Depending on location and method of proposal setting, use extra caution to keep them from getting ruined by one wrong turn or bump.

Protect your investment. At some point, an engagement ring will be placed on top of the cupcake. It is very important that you keep the ring close to you and/or trust anyone helping you with pulling off the event. If proposing at a restaurant, for example, either give the ring to the restaurant owner (who is involved in your proposal) at the last minute or have a friend keep the cupcakes in his/her possession until the magic moment arrives.

Don’t forget the presentation. Having beautifully crafted cupcakes can easily distract you from how elegant or creative the presentation can be. Whether you are making a few or a whole tray of cupcakes, be sure to carry your decorating theme onto the serving platter.

Don’t put the engagement ring in the cupcake, no matter what! Proposals with a new fiancee choking on a ring or breaking a tooth can and do happen.

Take many pictures before, during and after. If possible, have a friend available to capture the moment on videotape. In addition, you will be caught up in the moment, so take photos of the cupcakes before heading to the big event (which is good practice, setting them up first before the actual proposal). Ask friends and family to take pictures from various angles during the proposal as well, right down to the last crumb!


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