09 Oct 2012

5 Signs You’re Ready To Pop The Question

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One of the most difficult decisions a person has to make these days is when to make a relationship official. That is, when is the time right to ask him or her to marry you? Nobody wants to jump the gun and be hasty, because we all know how that might look. On the other hand, there is a point past which nobody wants to delay the important question either – you need for your partner to know that you are not afraid of commitment or putting off anything without good cause. So, given that it’s an important consideration, here are 5 signs you’re ready to pop the question.

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You’re Compatible

In just about every way you can think of, the two of you are compatible – there are no doubts about that. Obviously your communication is open and honest, and you are certain that your interests, beliefs, goals, dreams and hopes are on the same wavelength. You also are sure that sexual compatibility is not a problem, and you feel confident that there are no hidden issues in any of these areas that haven’t been explored. This doesn’t mean that there are no mysteries left, however – a little unknown is a good thing.

You Know Each Other

On the other hand, you feel that you know enough about each other to be able to tell someone else your lover’s life story, without leaving out anything of real importance. You have decided that honesty is the policy you will build a life together on, and you are intent on sharing everything with your future spouse. Some secrets are probably OK, but in general, a commitment to disclosure is something you both have made, and it’s an agreement you plan to keep in the future.

You’ve Made Future Plans

Speaking of the future, many couples realize that the day for proposing is fast approaching because they are making plans together about the future anyway. Almost without realizing it, the two of you are plotting a life in common, and before you know it the plot needs to thicken into a life together with a commitment to each other.

You’ve Met The Family

Until both of you have met the other’s family, it just doesn’t seem like the proposal can happen. There may be logistical reasons that you haven’t gotten this far, but with today’s technology you can at least be on Skyping terms with the parents and/or other relatives. Both of you need to feel equal in this area, so that you have the background knowledge about each other that fills in the gaps in his or her story.

You’re Always Together Anyway

Maybe you’ve already moved in together and have decided there is no reason not to make the whole arrangement legitimate. But if you’re still maintaining separate residences, you know that rent for 2 places is expensive and probably unnecessary at this point. Getting married is the best way to get over this hurdle, so it’s definitely time to pop that question. Now all you have to do is plan the wedding together!


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