June, 2012

29 Jun 2012

A Love Song For the Ages – How Bob Dylan Sealed Our Romance

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From Jim in Montana comes this story of true love and devotion, and the importance of a song. It’s a great example of the power of music to express romance and emotion. Here’s Jim: There are songs that are written, recorded, and made publicly available that are hits for a time, and then sink to [...]

28 Jun 2012

Scott Wetton and Jacqueline Poushay’s Plane Proposal!

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The following is such a great marriage proposal story that I couldn’t be happier to share it with you all! The couple in question have agreed to tell us their amazing plane proposal story and the following interview is in their own words. Enjoy! Please introduce yourselves Scott Wetton and Jacqueline Poushay. Tell us the [...]

28 Jun 2012

Risky Sexual Behavior & Substance Abuse [Infographic]

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Substance abuse can lead to more sexual activity as it causes an individual to become involved in risky behavior which can be detrimental not just to themselves but also to his or her partner as well. The infographic below shows some shocking facts that can happen when you start to, shall we say, over indulge. [...]

28 Jun 2012

8 Tips For An Ultimate Cupcake Wedding Proposal

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A popular proposal idea right now involves “sweets for your sweet” – a Cupcake Wedding Proposal. When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit with this romantic idea. Fortunately, cupcakes are quite portable, so there are endless locations to present them in. Also, you can use just one cupcake, a set for both [...]

27 Jun 2012

What Are The Most Common Sex Injuries? #Infographic

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Sex is not always just all about fun and pleasure (although it should be!). For it can sometimes bring about injuries whether in foreplay or intercourse and especially if you do it in a dangerous location. This infographic shows the most common sex-related injuries that could happen to a couple, the inadvisable places to perform [...]

27 Jun 2012

Will Facebook Find Friends Nearby Destroy Mobile Dating?

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Check out this post from onlinedatingpost.com written by Evans about how Facebook may render online dating useless because the new Facebook friend finder allows users to interact and discover new friends. Facebook’s new function may be more effective than online dating profiles because it allows “social discovery” rather than direct dating, which could potentially work [...]

27 Jun 2012

Want A Regret-Free Relationship? Here’s How

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I want to share this article written by Dr. Nicastro of strengthenyourrelationship.com for my daily romance and relationship blog roundup about how avoiding regret in your life may involve changes in how you think and act. An honesty with yourself and others can start the process. It could lead to better present times, therefore increasing [...]

27 Jun 2012

Universal City Walk Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

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Scott had been planning his marriage proposal for months when the big day finally arrived. His girlfriend and he were strolling along the Universal City Walk when suddenly a group of people began dancing to the tune of We Found Love. After the dance number Scott knelt down in front of Jessica and asked for [...]

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